Powerball Power Gripper

Improving the strength and endurance of the muscles of the hands and forearms is a simple and effective operation thanks to the Powerball Power Gripper. The tool features two practical stainless steel handles, selectable in different colors, with knurling that offers maximum grip with complete control of movements.


The central spring is black and has 7 different resistance capacities that allow you to use this tool for all types of work.

In the package, there is a practical manual. Suitable for sectoral activities for the muscles of the hands and forearm.



But how to strengthen the forearm?

The Powerball, as already mentioned above, is suitable for training different parts of the body and in particular, can be used in order to improve the endurance and strength of the forearm muscles. But how to enhance it in the most suitable way? The various sequences are indicated below:


  • Activate the Powerball: depending on the type of model, it will be necessary to start the rotor automatically or using the rope system.
  • Arm positioning: at this point position the arm at a right angle, with the palm of the hand holding the Powerball down.
  • Support the rotation: to strengthen the arm it will be necessary to support the centrifugal movement, with the possibility of increasing or decreasing the intensity.
  • Duration of the exercise: it will be possible to perform the work alternately, moving from one arm to the other, for a duration ranging from 3 to 5 minutes.


At this point, it is good to specify whether it is better to use a ball version of Powerball, or a handlebar version. The choice must be made according to the type of work. In fact, if the exercises are aimed at strengthening the muscles of the hands and forearms or at their functional recovery, the dumbbell Powerball can be very useful.


On the other hand, if the goal is to extend the work to the wrist, biceps, triceps, and shoulders muscles, having a tool that can improve strength and endurance and at the same time offer functional recovery, then the ball version is preferable.



The Powerball is, therefore, a very useful tool, given its simplicity, if you want to get all the benefits you will have to use it correctly and it is always good to get advice from a professional for its use. As can be seen from the information listed above, the Powerball is an innovative and inexpensive tool that, if used effectively during specific exercises, allows you to strengthen different muscles, work on motor control and joint stabilization, and, last but not least, contributes to the rehabilitation. for various problems.